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I really did my best to pretend it wasn’t going to happen, but I can’t put it off any longer. Winter is starting to make itself felt here in Northern Ontario with temperatures already below freezing at night and a few snowflakes in the air. There have beenĀ  lots of winter prep jobs to do. It’s always a little sad taking down our Canadian flag for the season. But let’s look on the positive side! This winter there will be…

Less snow to clear*
Arranging snow removal can be a difficult business. But our snow plow contractor from last year has already contacted me, so our yard will be taken care of, leaving me with just the deck and steps to clear.
*But probably not less snow :)

All the fun of winter driving

All the fun of winter driving

Money saved
Starting in 2016, Ontario drivers will qualify for a reduction in their car insurance premiums if they have winter tires fitted on their vehicle. My husband has always been insistent that we have winter tires for better safety, so we’ve used them every winter, and I think it’s well worth the investment. I was curious to see how much this would actually save us on our insurance premiums, so had my research assistant (my husband) call up the Cooperators. On our policy that costs about $1000.00 a year, we can expect to save $57.00. Not a huge amount, but every bit helps.

And extra sleep!
This Sunday morning, at least. The clocks go back one hour in all Canadian provinces except for most of Saskatchewan, which doesn’t make the switch to daylight savings time. There are also a few communities in B.C., Northwestern Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut, that skip the change. Judging by most of the comments on this CBC article, most Canadians would be quite happy to follow them.

How do you feel about Canadian winters?