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Today’s the day… ten years since I first became a Canadian immigrant and permanent resident! So in honour of that momentous day, I thought I’d share some of the most memorable moments of my life in Canada to date.

Welcome to Canada!
I became a Canadian permanent resident in July 2005. My husband and I landed at Pearson airport and were amazed at how quickly all the formalities were dispensed with. The immigration officials were more interested in the fact that we were moving to Sudbury rather than anything else!

My first glimpse of Canadian wildlife
If only I’d had my camera with me… not long after we moved into our Canadian house we took a walk up the bank behind the house that leads to a rocky ridge. From there we watched transfixed as we saw a bear lumbering around  in the bush below. Then just when we thought the show was over, a pair of moose galloped by. On a smaller scale, here’s Charles the chipmunk, a constant visitor during our first Canadian summer.

Sir Charles

Sir Charles

Corvette fun
We’ve had some fantastic road trips in our Corvette and met some wonderful people, both locally and further afield. But the moment that will always remain with me is seeing the look on my husband’s face when he took finally possession of his dream car in the winter of 2007. Yes, that’s right… winter…

1991 ZR-1 Corvette

My wedding!
My  husband and I were married in a gazebo overlooking Ramsey Lake in Sudbury. It had been a really wet September that year, but amazingly the sun came out to make it the perfect day. My Dad, bridesmaids, and I were driven to the park in a 1960s Chevy Impala, and our own classic car had to get in on the action too. Once we’d said “I do,” the nerves disappeared and I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Wedding day in Bell Park

Camping in March!
2010 was the only year since I’ve been here that we’ve ever been able to camp so early. Killarney Provincial Park was taken by surprise too. The shower block wasn’t even open when we first arrived, but due to popular demand they opened it up earlier than normal.  Being able to enjoy breakfast by George Lake in complete peace and quiet was a magical experience and definitely one of my best camping memories.

George Lake, Killarney Park

George Lake, Killarney Park


Some Superior moments…

Introducing three generations of the Kelly family to camping at Lake Superior Park
At various times we’ve camped at Rabbit Blanket campground with my husband’s siblings, nieces, and his Mum.  Superior was my Mum-in-law’s first ever camping holiday and she was a bit apprehensive about the bears, so she was given the luxury berth in the camper van. It was really special to be able to share the Superior experience with them.

Swimming in Lake Superior for Thanksgiving…
When I returned to work after the Thanksgiving long weekend in 2011, people couldn’t believe I’d swum in Superior in October! It was a really warm fall that year following a very hot summer, so the water temperature really wasn’t too bad. The six-foot waves were an added bonus!

…and getting drenched on the Towab Trail
On one of our May camping trips to Superior, we hiked part of the Towab Trail as far as Burnt Rock Pool. We heard the thunder before we arrived there, but didn’t want to turn back. Burnt Rock Pool is a really picturesque spot on the Agawa River surrounded by towering cliffs. Sitting there on the rocks while the storm broke around us was an amazing experience. After that, it was a very long, wet walk back!

Becoming a Canadian citizen
Oh Canada! It was a really proud and emotional moment back in the summer of 2010 when my husband and I took the oath of citizenship at a ceremony in Sudbury.  We’d had to wait for this for several months after passing the citizenship test; apparently the citizenship judges don’t like coming up north too often :)

Summer in the screen room
I posted recently about our wonderful new screen room. Let’s just say the novelty hasn’t yet worn off and I’ll be spending as much time as I can in there this summer. And it’s fairly safe to say that tonight I’ll be sitting in there, raising a glass to the last ten years–and to the next ten. Here’s hoping they’re even better!

Bug free!

Bug free!


One of my 2011 highlights was a trip to the Niagara Corvette Club car show held annually in July at the Reif Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. After the previous year’s excitement of a day on a race track day at Dunnville, I wasn’t sure that this trip would quite measure up to that; but I was very happy to be proved wrong.

First of all, I have to put in a big plug for our hotel, the Four Points Sheraton in Thorold. My husband and I inadvertently found ourselves staying in the rather luxurious “Burgoyne” suite, due to a possible Internet booking mix-up (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). How much are we paying for this room???” It was definitely a lot of fun to live in such style for a few days, and overall I was very impressed by the hotel.

The hotel breakfast, however, proved to be quite a different story.  After being presented with an $80.00 bill for breakfast, which included a discount and a rubbery omelette, we thought it might be wise to venture further afield the following day. “The Early Bird” right on the Thorold/St. Catharine’s townline hit the spot, at half the price and with much better food.

As is inevitable, after polishing and waxing the car for hours, we’d had some rain on the journey to Niagara on the Friday. The water theme continued the next day at a very wet  Niagara Falls. Not unusual you might think – but as well as emerging soaking wet from the “Behind the Falls” tour, we later had to seek shelter in the welcome centre from a huge rain storm.

Car show

Car show at the Reif Estates Winery

Sunday morning was show time! The Niagara club does a fantastic job of organizing this event. On arriving at the winery – despite our somewhat late arrival after lots of car cleaning –  we were guided to our parking spot and made to feel very welcome. After a somewhat dismal start to the day weather-wise, it turned out to be hot and sunny – perfect for showing off all those beautiful cars.

The men in the group were very excited to see the range of Adam’s cleaning products on offer at the show, and we returned home with enough detail spray for the next decade, plus a big tub of Adam’s premium wax to try. Not to be outdone, the women spent a little money in the wine boutique – just a little… how many bottles was that again?…. Our survey shows that Corvette drivers are definitely red wine drinkers. The special Corvette red sold out during the show and the winery had to relabel more bottles.

We had time to take in the tour of the winery and enjoyed hearing about the history of the estate and the wine-making techniques. The Reif Winery is one of the oldest in the region (the first being Inniskillen) and it was interesting to see the eighty-year old wine barrels originally brought over from Germany, and still in use today. Everyone finished the tour in excellent spirits after enjoying the wine tasting session at the end!

Whether you’re entering your car in the show, or just spectating, I can’t recommend this show highly enough. Beautiful cars plus a gorgeous setting plus the chance to sample some wine definitely equals a good day out. I think this one might just become an annual pilgrimage!


Ever since my husband and I took our first camping trip to Lake Superior Park, we’d longed to travel  the circle tour right around the lake. The scenery along Highway 17 from Sault Ste Maire through to Wawa is stunning and we were impatient to see what the rest of the route around the lake had to offer. So back in summer 2009, we decided that this would be our much-delayed honeymoon. The circle tour is a popular route for RVs and motorbikes; but for us it had to be our Corvette.

A night in Paradise?

We picked Paradise, Michigan for the first night of our stay, just so we could say we’d “stayed in paradise.” Sadly it didn’t really live up to the name. Our Best Western Inn (now the Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise) was a comfortable spot to stay, but appeared to be one of the few businesses in Paradise that was actually open. There was a very big “closed” sign hanging over Paradise, and this at the height of tourist season too. This became a familiar theme throughout the rest of our journey in the U.S.: “for sale” signs lining the streets and businesses closed up.

Sleeping wolf

Sleeping wolf

Roads less traveled
Heading up Highway 61 towards Thunder Bay, we took a detour to the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota.  This was such a fun, twisty drive in lush, green countryside with towering evergreens. Ely appeared to be one of the most thriving places we’d experienced during the trip. We squashed our way into the “Chocolate Moose” café for lunch, then headed to the Wolf Center where we became members and learnt about the valuable work the Center is doing to support the wolf species.

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to the Thunder Bay Inn – not found as you might expect in Thunder Bay, but in Big Bay, Michigan. Once owned by Henry Ford, the Inn was used in the 1940s for filming the James Stewart movie “Anatomy of a Murder.” The Inn served up a delicious lunch and we enjoyed looking at the display of old photos and press clippings relating to the movie.

Serendipity Cafe in Rossport

Serendipity Cafe in Rossport

Time for lunch

Food is always an important part of any ‘vette trip and both of my favourite eating spots were on the Canadian side of Superior. Even in the rain, the village of Rossport was still an attractive place to visit, offering two choices for lunch: the Rossport Inn (currently closed) or the Serendipity Café and gardens. We chose the latter. Unfortunately, as we discovered after we’d made our menu choices, most of the items weren’t available due to a power outage. The owners were coping as best they could though, and we still enjoyed the food, the beautiful front garden, and friendly cat.

My other favourite was the “Kinniwabi Pines” just outside Wawa, offering a wide range of international dishes and an elegance I hadn’t expected to find in this area. Rain had forced everyone inside, but for sunny days there’s a beautiful patio area overlooking the river and it’s another one on my list of places to return to.

Kakabeka Falls

Kakabeka Falls

There were many other highlights: Kakabeka Falls (the “Niagara of the North”), Tahquamenon Falls State Park, and the monument to George “Win one for the Gipper” Gipp.  I returned home with mixed emotions: saddened by the all-too visible signs of economic problems, but with some great memories. This one is definitely worth a repeat trip in the future.