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There have been lots of Canadian good news stories this week.  The New York Times voted us as the top country to visit in 2017. Book your flights now for the biggest party of the year in July when Canada turns 150. Party budget: over $200 million.

There was also a surprisingly positive employment report released for December. 50,000 new jobs were added in Canada, out of a total of 214,000 for the year, apparently making 2016 the “best year for job creation” since 2012.

If you speak French and are thinking of moving here, you’ll be interested in this video. It highlights success stories of immigrants who came here from France, Belgium, Congo, and Benin and settled in French-speaking communities outside of Quebec.

On to the weather report… Even Vancouver, known for its mild, if wet, winters, is getting one of its worst in a long time. I hear from relatives there that people are fighting over free buckets of salt and even going so far as to steal salt. Definitely not typical Canadian behaviour. And in Nova Scotia, they’re digging out today after a huge winter storm – up to 40cm of snow in some areas and more on the way.

Here in Northern Ontario, normal service has resumed after a late start to winter. Today is a high of -20, but at least it’s clear and bright and the snow-covered trees look beautiful . This week will be warming up, bringing with it more snow and no doubt some interesting driving conditions.

View of my back yard

View of my back yard

Many towns and cities have their own variation of a winter carnival to break up the long season. The Fire and Ice Festival happening in Bracebridge, Ontario later this month is a little out of the ordinary—complete with “The Fire Guy” and a tubing hill right on the main street, set up with specially imported snow.

For something a little less frenetic, I’m excited that we have a new park in Sudbury offering more opportunities for winter hiking, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing. Check out a dog’s view of Kivi Park or look at some fun winter photos including a snow horse and a snow husky!

That’s all for now. Stay warm!

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