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Hard to believe that a month and a half ago there was still ice on the lakes. Here’s a shot of Ramsey Lake taken from Moonlight Beach near Sudbury on April 24th.

Ice on Ramsay Lake

Ice on Ramsay Lake

Since then we’ve already had temperatures in the low 20s giving us a very welcome taste of summer. So it was very timely to see some tips on sun protection in the current (June 2015) edition of Canadian Living. It helpfully answered some of the questions that have always confused me:

Exactly how much sunscreen should you use per application?
Answer: 2 tablespoons, including 1 teaspoon for the face.

Which comes first? Sunscreen or bug spray?
Answer: sunscreen, followed 15-30 minutes later by bug spray.

Thank you, Canadian Living! And speaking of canadian living, what could be more Canadian than lounging on your deck all summer long with a beer or two?

I’ve posted before about our screen room adventures. For this year we’d decided to try and resurrect our temporary gazebo, crossing our fingers that we still had all the bits we needed and that everything would still fit together after not using it for several years. But then we got to thinking… what if we bit the bullet and saved ourselves all that work… what if we went back to the idea of having a permanent screen room and hiring someone to build it for us?

And… here it is! Proudly presenting the Kelly family permanent screen room! Thank you to Mike Huzij of Aries Construction, who did a fantastic job for us. Bring on summer!

Bug free!

Bug free!

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