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In my New Year’s quest to be more efficient and organised (we’ll see how long that lasts!), I figured I should check the expiry dates on my Canadian and UK passports. My UK passport runs out this summer, so I figured now was a good time to sort out the renewal.

When my husband renewed his UK passport a few years back, he was able to send it to Ottawa. Now it has to go to the UK, but the actual application and fee payment is all done online, making the process quite a bit easier. You then need to mail photos, a signed declaration form, your current UK passport plus any other non-expired passports. For me, this meant sending in my Canadian passport which I felt very uncomfortable about. So I made sure I took copies of everything I was posting.

Canadian and UK passports

The required photo size for UK passports is ridiculously small – much smaller than the photos in Canadian passports. I had my photos taken at our local Canadian Superstore and the woman in the photo studio had quite a job cutting them to size. Thank goodness there was no requirement to have someone certify the photos; it would be difficult to fit on a signature. The photo in my Canadian passport has me looking like an escaped convict and the new ones aren’t much better. Plus it looks like my eyes aren’t open very wide, so I’m hoping this won’t lead to my application being rejected.

I checked at my local post office what would be the most secure method of sending the package as I didn’t want to take any chances with my precious Canadian passport. I was able to send it as registered mail for $20.00, so someone will have to sign for it when it arrives, plus I can track the delivery.

For more information on renewing a UK passport from overseas, go to

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