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There’s no snow on the ground (yet…), no Christmas music or elaborate light displays, but you can hardly move in my living room for gift wrap, brown paper and padded envelopes.   Yes, it’s that time of year when I’m frantically rushing to pack Christmas presents for the UK to make sure I meet the surface mail deadline (Canada Post 2015 holiday mailing dates).

Sometimes I’m organised and buy gift wrap, tags and cards in the January sales. This year I wasn’t, and was feeling increasingly desperate as I waited for Christmas merchandise to appear in the local stores. Thankfully Costco came to my rescue and I was able to buy a selection of huge gift tags (everything in Costco is huge) and cards. Thank you, Costco!

xmas tags pic

One tip if you’re mailing a lot of gifts: make sure you keep a record of what you’ve packed for each person. I’ve had the experience of arriving at the post office with my parcels, only to completely forget what is packed inside them. You’ll need to fill out “small packet” or “international parcel” labels with a list of items and their value. If you’re mailing several items at the same time, it’s useful to grab a supply of these ahead of time so you can arrive prepared. And the people behind you in the line-up will thank you too.

More and more though, I find I’m turning to the web for gift giving inspiration. Online gift ordering is so much easier and quicker and the postage charges are probably less than the cost of mailing a parcel. Plus—and this is a really big bonus—someone else does the gift wrapping for you! Here is a selection of companies I’ve used successfully to send Christmas and birthday gifts.

Clare Florist
Flying Flowers

Not on the high street
Puzzle Folk

Gift vouchers
Amazon – of course…

Food & drink
Cup of Tea
Hotel Chocolat
Good old M&S

Gift baskets
Clearwater Hampers
Hay Hampers

I hope this gives you some ideas for starting points. If you have any favourite places to order gifts, please share!



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