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I just returned from a peaceful evening stroll along the beach at Windy Lake–an hour from Sudbury; it reminded me of how lucky I am to be living so close to so many beautiful provincial parks here in Northern Ontario.I actually feel quite guilty that I’ve not supported the parks as much as usual this year. So far I haven’t even swum in a lake and now I’m running out of time!

Fall colours at Killarney Park

Fall colours at Killarney Park

Normally I camp several times a year – a week’s trip to Lake Superior and a few long weekends, but this year we didn’t put the camper van on the road and I didn’t feel up to the challenges of tent camping. “Betty” has been sitting forlornly in the yard with a flat battery and I was even at the point where I was thinking of selling her next year. After all, camping is so much hard work, or so I told myself – packing, unpacking, cleaning the van…

For Labour Day weekend (the first weekend of September), my husband and I chose to rent a cabin at a small motel resort just outside Wawa. There was nothing wrong with the cabin, but I was surprised to discover that I really missed camping and the whole parks experience – the outdoor meals, meeting other campers and their dogs, and spying on the different RVs, because I’m always “shopping” for a new one (much like houses :)).


Wanapitei River,

Wanapitei River, close to home

If camping doesn’t appeal, don’t be put off the idea of visiting the parks. Passes are available for day trips if you want to hit the trails, paddle a canoe or just laze on the beach. And if you plan to be a frequent visitor, season passes are great value. There are also various roofed accommodation options available within some of the parks.

My first ever visit to Canada was during September and so I always associate this time of year with the magic of that first visit: crisp mornings and nights—perfect campfire weather, warm days and fabulous fall colours. I’m aiming to make the most of every day of good weather before the long winter sets in. And next year, I’ll definitely be back on the road in Betty visiting  my favourite campgrounds and exploring new ones. Only another eight months to go!

Sunset over Superior

Sunset over Superior




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