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With current processing times for visa applications getting ever longer, it’s easy to understand why applicants for Canadian immigration become so disheartened. Having had a two and a half year wait between application and finally moving to Canada, I can certainly sympathise and remember all too vividly just how hard it was. The lucky few make it over earlier on temporary works visas, but this is just not possible for the majority. So what’s the best way of coping during the long wait and how can you make productive use of your time?

First of all, don’t completely put your life on hold. It might be several years before you get to Canada, and you can’t pin your whole existence on waiting for news. Use the time to catch up with friends and family you might not have seen in a while, visit all those places nearby that you always meant to see, but have never got round to. For anyone living in Europe, you might decide to take the chance to visit some European countries relatively easily and cheaply while you’re still over there. (European travel becomes a very expensive endeavor once you’re here.)All that said, you also need a balance with preparing for your future life in Canada.

Aside from possible vacations or research trips to Canada (everyone needs a break :)), try and save as much money as possible. My husband and I were relying on the equity in our house for our settlement funds, but ended up receiving a far lower price than anticipated. We wished then that we’d saved more and been far more focused on what was ahead of us.

Think carefully before buying new household items, particularly electronic ones. Ask yourself:

Will it work in Canada?
Do I really need it?
Would I take it with me?

If you have a house you plan to sell, start on any renovations early on and work on them in stages at your leisure. I’m speaking from experience here, as we ended up trying to get everything done on a crazy schedule in just a few months!

Ultimately, don’t ever give up. I reached rock bottom during the delay with our medical results, then again the following year when our house in England took so long to sell and my husband and I were living in different countries for six months. But I got through it, and so will you. For some of you, moving to Canada may still seem a very long way in the future, but you will make it!

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